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Wedding Aryaduta Bandung

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Wedding information of the Aryaduta Bandung

Ananda at Aryaduta Bandung

Originating from Sanskrit meaning happiness and joy. A traditional wedding theme offering an Indonesian buffet.
We value your traditional values and respect your heritage. Let our Wedding Specialist assist you to customize your perfect day.


Included in this offer:


Selection of eight Asian & International Dishes.

Our Signature 2 Tiered Round Wedding Cake of Equal Size.

Complimentary dinner for 10 persons for your selected menu.

The trial dinner will be held at Cha yuen chinese restaurant or our private

dinner at Taruma Kafe.

Free Flow Mineral Water.

ThreeTiers of Champagne Glass Fountain.

Dedicated Wedding Specialist.

Bridal Room Decoration.

Bridal changing Room.

Special wedding room rates for up to 10 rooms.

Two complimentary Superior Room for one night  on the day of the event for Family,

including buffet breakfast for 2 (two) people per  room at Taruma Kafe.

Pre Wedding Photo Opportunities at the hotel.

One Technical Meeting for 10 people  with refreshment.

Complimentary electricity usage up to maximum for 10.000 watts.

Convenient three VIP Parking at Lobby and three at Basement 1.



For the couple:


One night complimentary stay in Aryaduta Deluxe Room for Bridal room inclusive buffet

breakfast at Taruma Kafe or American breakfast via In Room Dining for 2 (two) people.