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  • Beef stroganoff

    Beef stroganoff

    Beef stew stroganoff with pasta, fresh garden and garlic bread.

    Dari: IDR 95,000 sudah termasuk pajak
  • Bento Ayam lada hitam

    Bento Ayam lada hitam

    Chicken blackpepper sc served with steam rice, vegetable springroll, and slice fresh fruit.

    Dari: IDR 85,000 sudah termasuk pajak
  • Losari Sunrise

    Losari Sunrise

    A fresh color of Losari sunrise make from orange juice, grenadine syrup and soda water.

    Dari: IDR 49,000 sudah termasuk pajak
  • Mango Honey

    Mango Honey

    Good for health made from mixed juice of Mango, Yogurt, honey and lime.

    Dari: IDR 49,000 sudah termasuk pajak
  • Herritage Suki

    Herritage Suki

    Try and enjoy Suki that you will never taste it any where else, from tender meat and poultry, array of seafood, dumplings and balls enriched with vegetables and mushrooms to the very special own invented sauce (Garlic Sauce, Peanut Sauce and Sesame Seed Sauce). Enjoy for IDR 250.000/2 people.

    Dari: IDR 250,000 sudah termasuk pajak
  • Blue Lagoon

    Blue Lagoon

    A smoothie cocktail of blue ocean, lychee juice, soda water topping with whipped cream.

    Dari: IDR 49,000 sudah termasuk pajak