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Food promotions - Hotel Aryaduta Palembang di Kota Palembang

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Aryaduta Palembang

Food promotions - Hotel en Kota Palembang, Indonesia

  • Green Peas Mojito

    Green Peas Mojito

    Peas,honey,lime,mint leaf and syrup

    Dari: IDR 30,000 sudah termasuk pajak
  • Chicken Cheese BBQ

    Chicken Cheese BBQ

    Grilled Chicken Breast with cheese BBQ, yogurt, Honey & mustard sauce served with potato balls.

    Dari: IDR 65,000 sudah termasuk pajak
  • Dreamy Ireland

    Dreamy Ireland

    Irish whisky,kahlua,hazelnut and milk

    Dari: IDR 60,000 sudah termasuk pajak
  • Seafood Tumpah

    Seafood Tumpah

    Experience dine in seafood on the table

    IDR 150.000 nett/2 persons
    IDR 250.000 nett/4 persons

    Dari: IDR 150,000 sudah termasuk pajak
  • Mongolian Pan Grill

    Mongolian Pan Grill

    Feel the dining experience with taste and feel of Mongolian

    IDR 125.000 nett/pax - All you can eat

    Dari: IDR 125,000 sudah termasuk pajak
  • Hot Stone Steak

    Hot Stone Steak

    Savor the sizzling steak right on your table

    Dari: IDR 145,000 sudah termasuk pajak
  • Mango Mousse Torte

    Mango Mousse Torte

    Layer combination of Mango Mousse & Blueberry Sponge cake with chocolate and strawberry on top.

    Dari: IDR 55,000 sudah termasuk pajak
  • BBQ Buffet Dinner

    BBQ Buffet Dinner

    ALL YOU CAN EAT incl. free flow water

    Saturday Night
    06.00-09.00 pm

    At The Kitchen Restaurant

    Further information & reservation please dial 0711-383838 or 08117873838 (WA Only)"

    Dari: IDR 125,000 sudah termasuk pajak